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The Wood Badge

Find everything you need to know about the Wood Badge right here! From the course, the prerequisites and much more.

The Wood Badge is the final leg of a member's training pathway, looking at developing them personally as a Leader, and can be completed as a Program Support Leader or Youth Program Leader. Upon completion, the individual will be awarded their Wood Badge Parchment, the Gilwell Scarf, and their Wood Beads. 

How to complete the Wood Badge

On-Demand Learning

Before you can attend your Scouting Leadership training, you will need to complete some On-Demand learning modules. You can find these On-Demand learning modules at Before you can attend Scouting Leadership you will need to complete all the On-Demand learning under: 
- Scouting Leadership.

Your login should already been preset to "Adult Leader Training" and set as "Youth Program Leader" from when you did your Certificate of Proficiency On-Demand. These On-Demand Modules have been set up so that you if you are already knowledgeable in a certain topic you can complete a pre-module quiz and get recognition for already knowing the content. Making this aspect of your training super easy. 

Application to attend Training

Once you have completed the On-Demand learning you will need to apply to attend a Scouting Leadership Training Course. To do this you will need to submit a TR1 (Application to Attend Training).You can download this form from the MyScout Resources tab. 

Once you have filled it in, you will need your Group Leader to sign it. it will then need to be sent to 3 weeks before your selected course. If everything has been completed you will get a confirmation that you have been successful in getting onto the course. closer to the course you will get an email with all the course information. 

The Course

You are ready to attend Scouting Leadership! Go along and take in as much as you can. It is a great way to meet new people, network within scouting and find out more about what other groups are up to in WA. 

An emailed letter will be sent out the week prior that will explain everything you need to bring with you for the course. In the meantime ensure that your details (dietary, medical and contact) are up-to-date on MyScout. Remember, this is about your personal development and developing your leadership skills!


After the course is completed there are some post-course requirements that will need completing to finish your Wood Badge. These requirements are:
- Wood Badge Workbook: a selection of 12 worksheets and handouts that demonstrate your understanding of policies, procedures and scouting skills and knowledge.
- Wood Badge Project: a 10hour project that relates to the Scouting Fundamentals and focuses on personal development, that demonstrates the trainees ability to set goals, work towards their target and reflect on what they have done. 
- District Evaluation to be completed by your District Commissioner (or your upper-line manager) to be done over no longer than a 4-month period. 
- 2 On-Demand Learning Electives 

After completing these post-course requirements you will be awarded your Wood Badge. Due to the significance of the Wood Badge, the awardee can choose when and where they wish for it to be presented, in which they will have to nominate someone to present it to them. This person must have completed their own Wood Badge, and is generally someone who has supported and mentored their awardee in their Scouting journey.


At the presentation, the awardee will be presented their Wood Beads and given a Gilwell Scarf, becoming an invested into the Gilwell Park Scout Group. The Awardee will also receive a free invitation to the next Gilwell Reunion, and receive their Wood Badge Parchment at this event. 

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