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Training FAQ

Here you will find all the questions you are not sure if you should ask.

Not to worry, someone has already asked them, and we have answered!

Why should I do training?

Rover Scouts should do training for their personal development. There are so many courses available to Rovers that no matter your skills and interests, you will always be able to find a course that will teach you even more. 

How much will my training cost?

In Western Australia, all of your training costs are covered by the fees that your Group pays. This means that you can attend Scouting Essentials, Scouting Leadership, and Scouting Adventure and Scouting Management for free! This also allows you to complete your VET qualifications and Adventurous Activities training for free as well!

What do I need to do before I go to training? 

The pre-course requirements are different for each course, but usually, consist of On- Demand learning and the completion of an application to attend training (TR1). For specific pre-course requirements, check out the pages below. 

What will I do while at my training course?

Again, this depends on what course you are on. All training aims to be fun and educational. 

What scarf should I wear?

Whenever you attend a training course, you should wear your grey training scarf. if you haven't received one yet get in contact with the WARC Training and Development Officer, and they arrange to get one for you, for all your future training endeavours. 

What do I need to do to get my Certificate of Proficiency? 

There are multiple ways to get your Certificate of Proficiency. More information on this can be found on the Training Pathways page. 

Is there anything I can get through Recognition of Competency?

Yes, there is lots you can get Recognition of Competency for. You can get recognition towards VET qualifications, enabling you to complete Certificate to Diploma level qualifications for free through what you do in Scouting. 

Where do I find the On-the-Job Milestones and Certificate of Proficiency Evaluation?

The On-the-Job Milestones can be found on the Training Curriculums website under the tab labelled On-the-Job Milestones. The Certificate of Proficiency Evaluation can be located on MyScout in the resources tab.

​How long does it take to finish my training?

This depends on what training you are doing. The Certificate of Proficiency, as an example, can be finished in as little as a few months. 

Why should I complete the Wood Badge/ Scouting Leadership? 

The Wood Badge and Scouting Leadership offers Rover Scouts the chance to further develop the skills they have learned since completing their Certificate of Proficiency. The skills learned at Scouting Leadership are essential for Rovers who wish to take on a leadership role, both within Scouting and in their professional lives. This also a prerequisite for Rovers who are interested in completing diploma level qualifications.

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I still have more questions. What can I do to get them answered? 

If you still have more questions you should ask your Unit Leader. If they don't know the answer then you can get in contact with the WA Rover Councils Training and Development Officer, they will be happy to answer your questions. you can contact them at

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