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Rover Scouts are eligible for a vast array of awards and achievements through Scouting. Ranging from awards for personal achievement, to recognising invaluable service to given to either the Rover Scout Section or the wider Scouts WA Branch. 

The Baden Powell Scout Award

Every section in Scouting has their own Peak Award. In Rover Scouts, this is the Baden Powell Scout Award. The pinnacle achievement in the Youth Program, and the final Peak Award that youth members can obtain. 

Click the button below to find out more about this award, and check out the photos of this receipents at the Scouts WA 2022 Youth Awards.


Adult Recognition Awards

As Adult Member of the Scouting Association, Rover Scouts are eligible to be nominated for Adult Recognition Awards for the service they do in Scouting. 


Check out last years recepients and find out more about these awards from the Scouts WA 2021 Adult Recognition Awards below. 

The Quality Rovering Award

The Quality Rovering Award is a Unit based award that spotlights those Rover Units with exceptional programs.

To learn more and see previous recipients, check out the page below.


The Bishop Riley Rovering Award

The Bishop Riley Award is a highly prestigious award in the Rover section. Given to one Rover Scout each year that has made a noteable contribution to Rovering throughout the year.

See the full list of recipients throughout the years below.

Other Awards

Whilst we have listed some of the more noteable awards in Scouts WA and WA Rovers. There are many other awards at both the Branch, National and World Scouting levels.

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