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What is WARC?

Western Australia Rover Council (WARC) is the major governing body of the Rover Section in Western Australia. Rovers are the only self-managing youth section within the movement. The aim of the council is to encourage and promote the development of the Rover Section within Scouts Australia and the community for the benefit of Rovers, Rover Units, Scouting and wider society.

WARC is not the only governing body of the Rover section, above WARC is the National Rover Council (NRC) who represent Rover Scouts at a national level. There are also Branch Youth Councils (BYC) in each state.


For more details on the specifics of WARC and the governance aspects, you can visit our WA Rover Council Resources page.


Who can be involved at WARC meetings?


WARC Meetings consist of the WARC Executive: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Treasurer, Program Officer, Training and Development Officer and the Branch Rover Advisor, as well as two delegates from each recognised Unit in Western Australia.


However, if you are a registered member of Rovers in Australia you may sit in on the meeting, just not at the table.

Why should you go?

WARC is a fantastic way to meet new people, make connections with other units and stay up to date with events. It also offers you and your unit the opportunity to get involved in discussions and help to continuously shape the Rover Scout section in Western Australia.

When and where are WARC meetings held?

WARC Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month (except in the instance of a long weekend, where meetings are pushed back a week). The meetings take place at 7pm at the Scouts WA Branch Headquarters – 133 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn. Parking can be found across the road in the public car park or behind the pub.

For further information on meeting dates please contact the WARC Secretary.

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