Bishop Riley Award

The Bishop Riley Rover Unit comprises of the Rover Advisers of Western Australia. The Unit acts as a way for the WA Rover Units' Advisers to enjoy a sense of collegiality, while offering support and advice to each other when relating to issues within their respective Units. The Rover Advisers will often assist at WA Rover Council events, such as catering for Gravel Moot, and as always offer support to the event committees and Rovers participating in events. 


The Bishop Riley Rovering Award is awarded annually by the Bishop Riley Unit. The Award recognises a Rover who gets in, helps out, participates and makes a great contribution to Rovering in WA. The Award is highly regarded within WA Rovers and is appreciated in recognising Rovers who are a positive influence on the rest of the Rovering community.

Rover Service Award

The Rover Service Award is presented to recognise an individuals outstanding contribution to Rovering over a sustained period.

The minimum length of service necessary to fulfill the qualifying period should be 5 years for Rovers and 10 years for Uniformed Members/ Supporters. The length of service necessary to fulfill the qualifying period should take into consideration any involvement the individual may have had in other Branches.  As this is specifically a Rover Award, only service to the Rover Section can be considered. Service to other Sections will not assist a nomination. Nominations must remain confidential and must not be discussed, either with the nominee or as part of the agenda at an open meeting.  Where a Rover continues to provide outstanding service to the Section in an advisory position, the period of service whilst a Rover will count towards their eligibility.


Some Branch Rover Councils have chosen to impose additional requirements such as:
Nominee should be carrying out the responsibilities of his/her current appointment in the Rover Section to the highest standard.
Nominee should promote team work and a positive attitude among fellow Rovers.
Nominee should be a Rovering enthusiast and give a lead to other members of the Rover Section.

Scouts of the World Award

The Scouts of the World (#SWA) award provides the opportunity for Venturer and Rover Scouts to “Create a Better World”. Through facing the challenges of the future as identified by Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, participants will have the opportunity to create action in one or more of the following goals:

  1. No Poverty

  2. Zero Hunger

  3. Good Health and Well Being

  4. Quality Education

  5. Gender Equality

  6. Clean Water and Sanitation

  7. Affordable and Clean Energy

  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

  9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  10. Reduce Inequities

  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

  12. Responsible Consumption and Production

  13. Climate Action

  14. Life Below Water

  15. Life on Land

  16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  17. Partnerships for the Goals. 

Requirements for the Scouts of the World of Award are different for participants in Australia, as noted in Scouts | Terrain. The process here is to:

  1. Learn about the world around you through growing your understanding of a goal of your choice - eg. attend a guest lecture, undertake a literature review, or attend a conference (get creative).

  2. Discover what you want to contribute to your community and create a plan.

  3. Identify and gain skills in the area you would like to contribute to.

  4. Take action to provide sustainable support for a minimum of six months or eighty hours, to a cause of your choosing.

  5. Review your experience and post your development on 

Check out to see some examples of projects from all around the world.

If you’d like to find out more information or would like some support, please contact your Unit Leader, or email