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Quality Rovering Award

The Quality Rovering Award encompasses the requirements that Units should fulfil to run an effective, or quality, Unit. Over time, these requirements were embraced, and the standard rose. Today’s requirements, are still about providing effective development to those in your Unit, and providing a quality program. The requirements were changed in 2007, to reflect a greater sense of community involvement, and to place greater emphasis on retention of members, and training of members. The requirements were later changed again in 2021 to align more with New Youth Program.

A basic QRA application has 3 requirements:

• The application form,

• Entry for to the WARC yearbook,

• Submission of the Unit logbook.

The standard of Rovering in Western Australia has always been high, and The Quality Rovering Award was developed by WARC to recognise Units who have practiced ‘Quality Rovering’, which is, essentially practiced Rovering to the standards that it was designed for.

The Unit logbook, is not only a visual record of the activities your Unit has undertaken in a given year, but an adequate historical reference, a great source of program idea, and an excellent public relations tool that can be shown to others in your Group or District, to show how fantastic you really are. It will make a great read for future Unit members!

The logbook must be a minimum of 6 pages and should include as many photos as possible. The logbook should summarise all Unit activities from 1st November to 31st October. As you can understand the glitzier and more comprehensive and visually appealing your logbook is, the more people will want to read it.

The Logbook and form need to be submitted together when handing in your application, and will not be accepted without the other.

Applications must be submitted to the WARC Vice Chairman - Membership and Retention by the November meeting of the Western Australian Rover Council.  The WARC Executive will review the applications and the awards will be presented at the Annual Rover Dinner in December.

Any further queries or application assistance, please contact the Vice Chairman. We look forward to receiving your applications and reports.

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