Additional Training

Welcome to Additional Training! This page covers everything training and development wise outside of completing SAIT qualifications and completing the Certificate of Proficiency and Wood Badge.

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Adventurous Activities


Scouts WA offers a large variety of Adventurous Activities, available to all members. These activities range from boating, paddling, abseiling, bushwalking, mountain biking and even scuba! 

This training can enable rover scouts and rover units to be able to undertake any number of expeditions that they wish to do. Depending on the interest- some of this training has a mixture of On-Demand learning, course work and post-course work (varying between the different areas). To find out more information contact the Branch Commissioner for Adventurous Activities on

If you want to see more about what is on offer in the world of adventurous activities, check out the Scouts WA website
here or if you want to start training in an area of adventurous activities go to and check out the Adventurous Activities curriculum and check MyScout for course dates. 

Axe and Log Program


The Axe and Log Program or Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership is a form of additional training that is offered post-completion of a member's Wood Badge. This form of additional training is assessed by the Branch Adult Training and Development Team and formally signed off as completed by the National Commissioner of Adult Training and Development. Rover Scouts who complete this qualification are presented with their Certificate of Higher Adult Leadership and a gold Axe and Log pin that is attached to their Wood Beads to be worn. 

To complete the Axe and Log Program, participants must have obtained their Wood Badge before they can start. Completing the Axe and Log will then require the individual to complete:
- One of the Diplomas that Scouts Australia offers through the Scouts Australia Institute of Training. 
- Two Self-Paced Workbooks. These workbooks are Scouting Proficiency Fundamentals and Scouting Proficiency Programming. 

The Scouting Proficiency Fundamentals workbook looks at "promote and review enterprise skills, knowledge and values", whereas the Scouting Proficiency Programming workbook looks at "develop, implement and evaluate strategies for leadership programs". 

To find out more information about the Axe and Log Program, email the Branch Commissioner of Adult Training and Development at or to learn more about completing the diplomas refer to the SAIT tab below. 

Jordan Phillips being presented with his Axe and Log by Loz Lovatt at the 2021, May WARC Meeting

First Aid Courses


Scouts WA offers First Aid training for all its members through external providers (like Saint John's Ambulance) allowing them to obtain this nationally accredited qualification at a fraction of the cost. To see upcoming training dates; refer to the MyScout calendar to see what is on offer. 

Mental Health First Aid Training


Mental Health First Aid training is another additional training item that Scouts WA offers. This style of training has different components involved in order to complete the qualification. To complete your Mental Health First Aid Training, a member will need to complete:
- The single e-learning module that is sent out prior to the course. 
- Attend a 6hour face-to-face course or a 2hour Zoom course. 
- Complete a post-course workbook assessment. 

This training is complete free for all members to complete, and is offered through Branch Adult Training and Development team. If a member chooses; post-course they can be formally recognised with two additional units of competency in VET. These units being CHCCCS019 Recognise and Respond to Crisis Situations and BSBRKS401 Identify risk and apply risk management processes. These can be completed through the recognition of prior learning process that SAIT uses for all registered members. 

Scouting Management


Scouting Management is the second course that can be used to complete a Certificate of Proficiency. Where Youth Program Leaders have Scouting Adventure, Program Support Leaders need to complete Scouting Management instead. 

The prerequisites for this course are: 
- Scouting Essentials. 
- Scouting Management On-Demand Learning. 

Although not the normal course that Rover Scouts use to complete their Certificate of Proficiency, Scouting Management is an available option to undertake as an alternative to Scouting Adventure, if management skills are what interest the individual more than outdoor adventure skills. 

Development Workshops


Didn't see anything that intrigued you? Got an idea for a development workshop or want to see a specific workshop? 

Let the WA Rover Council Training and Development Officer know so that they can either assist you in what you are looking for, or provide and create a development opportunity for the whole of WA Rovers that previous hasn't existed! You can contact them at