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The Program Essentials

The Program Essentials are all about Scouts' active engagement in the weekly Scout Program. We define Program Essentials as the ‘base camp” of all aspects of the Achievement Pathways. Through active engagement, youth members are encouraged to develop new skills and take on new challenges. They will be recognised for their learning and personal development (as described by the SPICES educational objectives), and it is important to remember that, as Scouts, we aim to develop active citizens in the community, fulfilling the Purpose of Scouting.

The first step in Program Essentials and to complete the BPSA is to complete the Introduction to Scouting (for Rover Scouts new to the Movement) and the Introduction to Rover Scout Section. These assist Rover Scouts with understanding Scouting, the Rover Scout Section, and to set initial goals for what they wish to get out of Scouting while in the Rover Scout Section. These are completed before the new Rover Scout is invested or re-affirms their Promise.

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The Program Essentials are divided into a series of Milestones within each Section. Each Milestone should take approximately 6-12 months, and recognises active participation in the program, and personal development that has occurred during that time. It should not be viewed as something extra to work on, but rather represents what regular and active participation as a Rover Scout looks like. To complete the Baden-Powell Scout Award, a Rover Scout must complete Milestone 3. View the requirements to complete each Milestone below. 


Milestone 1: 

Requires 27 activities consisting of: 

-24 Participates (6 in each Challenge Area)

-2 Assists (in any Challenge Area)

-1 Lead (in any Challenge Area)


Milestone 2: 

Requires 25 activities consisting of: 

-20 Participates (5 in each Challenge Area)

-3 Assists (in 2 different Challenge Areas) 

-2 Leads (in any Challenge Area)


Milestone 3: 

Requires 20 activities consisting of: 

-16 Participates (4 in each Challenge Area)

-4 Assists (in 2 different Challenge Areas)

-4 Leads (in any Challenge Area) 

Want to know more about Milestones, Challenge Areas and Participate, Assist, Lead? 

Being a key component of the Achievement there is an abundance of information out there. Talk to your Unit Leader or you can find more information here. Or if you have specific questions reach out Scouts WA Deputy Chief Commissioner for Program Support at this email 

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