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Adventurous Journey

Your Adventurous Journey is a way for you to get out, explore, and put in place the skills you have learnt during Scouting. Your Adventurous Journey should occur whilst working on Milestone 3.

You should consult with a skilled Mentor about your Journey – this could be another Scout with Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 7 or above in the relevant area, or an appropriately-skilled adult. The Journey should be a human-powered experience such as bushwalking, cycling, kayaking, sailing etc. The journey itself will be undertaken by you and fellow Scouts and should not require attendance by any adults. Adults will, however, need to be aware of both your route and when you have completed your Journey.

Requirements for BPSA

​The requirement for a Rover Scout to complete their BPSA is to undertake an Adventurous Journey of 4 days and 3 Nights. 

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