Mission Impossible:

Mission Impossible is a Rover run, large intersectional event, where Rovers and Venturers can enjoy the outdoors together. Mission Impossible is a rogaining-hike style event held in a secret location each year, where small teams compete to capture the most points. Each year it is themed and participants are encouraged to dress up and get into the theme as much as possible.  Bases are run by a variety of people from Rovers, Leaders, Guides, Parents and they organize activities and challenges that participants must complete earning points. The bases incorporate the theme into their activities and design so they are different every year. Mission Impossible also features a massive party each night complete with circus tent and entertainment set up in the remote bushland so that participants can hike hard during the day and party hard at night. This is a great event for Rover-Venturer interaction.

For more information please contact the WARC Program Officer on program@warovers.com.au

There have been 15 MI’s so far with the following themes:

  • MI1: Spy Vs. Spy

  • MI2: Totally Tooned

  • MI3: Legends, Louts & Larrikins: Australia’s Finest

  • MI4: Magic Mystery and Mayhem

  • MI5: Out of this World

  • MI6: Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

  • MI7: La Carnivale

  • MI8: Comic Book Super Heroes

  • MI9: Red Carpet

  • MI10: The Missions Greatest Hits

  • MI11: Scary Monsters and Fright Nights

  • MI12: Lost in Time

  • MI13: MudRun

  • MI14: Welcome to the Jungle

  • MI15: Game On