Gravelmoot is WA Rovers’ annual service camp to the Manjedal Activity Centre held in May; where we put in a large amount of man-hours to help maintain and improve the facility for everyone to enjoy. The Manjedal Activity Centre is located roughly 20km SW of Byford and is a facility that is incredibly popular with scout groups and school groups. This camp is about giving something back to scouting, by working on projects in groups, to get as much done as possible over the weekend.


Gravelmoot is an extremely rewarding camp where, for a small fee, you:
Sleep in dormitories (no getting wet!)
Are fed by the lovely Bishop Riley Rover Unit (no cooking!)
Put in some hard hours giving back to scouting (service!)
Have a lovely social atmosphere during the evenings
Can learn a new skill
And have a lot of fun with friends new and old

So definitely come along to Gravelmoot, give back to the scouting community and have a bunch of fun whist you’re doing it!