Rover Scout Motorsport:

What is RSM?

Rover Scout Motorsport (WA) is key element of the Rover Section program in Western Australia, which sees the potential for members and past members to participate in all aspects of Motorsport.  Being affiliated with CAMS Australia, RSM is a fun, active and educational program designed to provide hands on training and further develop members ability to problem solve, study and fix combustion engines and advance their driving capabilities.


Motorsport is deeply embedded in Australian culture, it adds to community cohesion and development, and is the fourth most watched sport in Australian in terms of spectator attendance and we are thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity for members to participate in our annual events.  Whether you like to drive or spectate, there is something in it for you with these action packed weekends of speed, accuracy and testing your car's endurance! To find out more about the individual events check out the tabs, or contact our RSM President at


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WA Rovers have now implemented donuts (neck braces) for all khanacross races as defined at each event!

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