The Baden-Powell Scout Award

The Baden-Powell Scout Award (BPSA) is the highest Scouting award available to Youth in Australia. This Award is designed to challenge and test all who set out to achieve this prestigious Award. It takes into consideration the Aims of Scouting, to encourage the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Development of young people.

The Baden-Powell Scout Award is based around the concept of self-challenge. This occurs through the individual participant planning and proposing their goals to their Rover Crew. Through consultation and discussion at this level a target is set that is of a level that is guaranteed to be challenging and that meets the requirements of the BPSA, and as such is designed for the growing advanced development of young adults who comprise the Rover Section.

The Rover Scout Award Scheme is made up of two awards - the St George Award and the Baden-Powell Scout Award. The ‘St George Award’ is earned on the completion of four progress badges- Squire Training, Rover Skills, Service and Physical. Once the St George Award has been completed, a Rover can then go on further and obtain their Baden-Powell Scout Award by earning the two project badges - Personal Growth and Community Development, and completing a self-reflection interview.


The BPSA Support Team WA

The BPSA Support Team in WA is a subsidiary committee of the Western Australian Rover Council, with the Chairman of the BPSA Support team reporting to the WARC Vice-Chairman; Membership and Training. The Chairman is elected by the members of the Team and endorsed by WARC from the existing members of the team to ensure the candidate holds the relevant experience required to complete the role.

The purpose of the BPSA Support Team is to be the subject matter experts for the Rover Scout Award Scheme and BPSA. The BPSA Support Team provides knowledge, information and advice on the award scheme to Rover Scouts and their Crews.

The team consists of at least three people who are committed to undertake the role for a minimum of two (2) years. Candidates with appropriate knowledge and experience of the Rover Scout Section will be selected by the BPSA Support Team Chairman with consultation from the BPSA Support Team. There is no limit for the number of terms that a member can commit to. Commitment to the BPSA Support Team is not contingent on other appointments. For example, if you are retired from another role, you remain a member of the team (subject to being a member of the Association).

There is only one BPSA Support Team in each Branch; they are linked nationally via email and Facebook.

The BPSA Support Team is the subject matter expert on the award scheme and is expected to ensure that information and experience is shared across the Branch’s BPSA Support Team. The Team and the delivery of advice and support must be consistent with the BPSA National Policies and Procedures and done in a constructive manner.

The primary task of the BPSA Support Team is to ensure Rover Scouts and their Crews are equally supported in the attainment and ultimately the awarding of the BPSA. The BPSA Support Team will be the first point of contact to assist Rover Scouts and their Crews to agree on activities and projects that are challenging to the individual. While the focus is on the projects for the Community Development and Personal Growth Badges, BPSA Support Teams may also provide advice on suitable activities for the other badges.

Broadly, the Team is responsible for:

• promoting and encourage participation in the St George and Baden Powell Scout Awards;

• assisting Rover Scouts and their Crews to ensure a clear and defined set of criteria is designed for the member completing the award;

• collating and sharing ideas across the Team (and Nationally);

• supporting members and “touching base” with Rover Scouts who have commenced the award to ensure that they are successfully progressing in their completion of the award; and

• facilitating the self-refection interview following the completion of the St George Award and project badges.

The BPSA Support Team does not resolve any disputes or disagreements between Rover Scouts and their Crew. Rover Crews and Rover Scouts must resolve disputes in line with the dispute resolution processes within the WARC and Scouts WA Policies (Court of Honour, Grievances etc).

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