Basic Rover Training 

Find everything you need to know about Basic Rover Training, Basic Outdoor Skills, and the dates of upcoming Basic Rover Training courses.

Basic Training is the first part of your Woodbadge Training journey.

Basic Training comprises of e-Learning, in-service activities, practical supplement (Training Course), and general on the job training. Participants are assigned a mentor known as a Personal Leader Adviser to guide them through this training. Once you have completed your Basic Training requirements you will receive a Certificat of Adult Leadership (CoAL) and your Gillewll Woggle.    

An outline of the training at a Basic Level is offered below:


First up, before you can attend your Basic Rover Training, you will need to complete some E-learning modules. some of which you would have completed as part of your Adult Membership.

You can find the E-learning at 

Before you can attend Basic training you will need to complete all the E-learning under: 

- Basic Core Modules.

- Introductory member training for Rover Scouts.

- Basic Sectional Techniques - Rover Scouts.

Or. under the "curriculums" dropdown menu, select "Training for Rover Scouts." 

Application to attend Training

Once you have completed the Basic E-learning you will need to apply to attend a Basic Rover Training Course. 

To do this you will need to submit a TR1.

You can download this form from the MyScout Resources tab. 

Once you have filled it in, you will need your Group Leader to sign it. it will then need to be sent to 4 weeks before your selected course. 

If everything has been completed you will get a confirmation that you have been successful in getting onto the course. closer to the course you will get an email with all the course information. 

The Course

You are ready to attend Basic Rover Training. Go along and take in as much as you can. At the end of your course, you will be given the opportunity to select a Personal Leader Advisor. This person will help you to complete your Basic Rover Training once you leave the training weekend. 


There are 3 ways you can complete your post-course paperwork, have a read below to see which way is going to suit you. 

Option 1.

If you are wanting to get a Cert III in Business, then this is the process you will want to take. It is important to note that you may choose to gain your CoAL first, then come back and get your Cert III. This process involves completing all of the attachments that you would have downloaded while doing your E-learning, and on the course. These attachments are numbered 3.01 - 3.50. You will need to complete these attachments, supply any evidence that they ask for, then submit it for assessment. Your Personal Leader Advisor will be able to help support you through this process. 

Option 2

Is to complete only some of the attachments. Again, your personal leader advisor can help you through this process. 

The attachments are:

• 3.06 - Basic Knots and Lashings

• 3.07 - Basic Navigation

• 3.08 (a) - Administration and Forms – LOY Section (b) Administration & Forms - LOA

• 3.10 - Ceremonies

• 3.11 - Basic Emergencies

• 3.17 - Issues of importance to Young People

• 3.21 - Attendance at Section Meetings

• 3.24 - Evaluation of Program you were Involved in Designing, Delivering and Reviewing

• 3.26 - Sectional Meetings

• 3.27 - Design and or participate in a Specific Activity – A Scouts Own

• 3.33 - ScoutSafe – Accident Report

• 3.43 - Games Worksheet


Option 3

Is to have a Basic Training Evaluation. This is an interview/discussion that would be conducted by your Supervising Leader(Group Leader), Personal Leader Advisor, or a Trainer. This person must have their CoAL. 

They will sit down with you over a coffee and go through an evaluation form with you, then submit it. 

Option 4 (But there were only 3 options!?) 

If you have already achieved your CoAL in another section, then you don't need to do it again. All that you will need to do is fill in some questions while you are on the course, and you are done. 


Basic Outdoor Skills

Rover Scouts and RAs are required to have a Basic Outdoor Skills Qualification before they are awarded their CoAL. This qualification can be earned at any point through your Basic Rover Training journey. 

For more info on what is needed for Basic Outdoor Skills

click here.

It's all Learning-by-doing at Rover Training.

Basic Rover Training 2020 Calendar 

Check out the dates for the 2020 basic training courses

March 20th - 23rd Basic Rover Training 

May 23rd - 24th Basic Outdoor Skills 

June 26th - 28th Basic Rover Training 

August 21st - 23rd Basic Rover Training Scouting Essentials (weekend 1) 

September 18th - 20th Basic Rover Training Scouting Adventures (weekend 2) 

October 23rd - 25th Basic Rover Training Scouting Essentials (weekend 1) 

November 20th - 22nd Basic Rover Training Scouting Adventures (weekend 2) 

*In the second half of 2020 the way Basic Training works will change to accommodate the new Youth Program. Instead of attending Basic training and then Basic outdoor skills, you will now attend weekend 1 - Scouting Essentials then attend weekend 2 - Scouting Adventures. If you have any questions please contact the Vice Chairman.