Rover Ball

The Rover Ball is a formal, annual dinner dance where Rovers can let their hair down and have a great night. This is a change from our usual service or muddy events. The ball is run every year by a different Crew and with a different theme. So if your Crew wants to get creative and have a blast running an event then the Rover Ball is for you!

Past Event Themes: James Bond 007, Winter Wonderland, 80's Prom, Historical Figures Past and Present, 1950's Rockabilly, I Can't Believe You Wore That, Rags to Riches, Great Gatsby Speakeasy


2016 Rover Ball

2015 Rover ball, theme: the Great Gatsby Speakeasy run by Wembley Downs RC  

 2016 Rover Ball, theme: Disney run by Bibra Lake RC

The 2017 Rover Ball is being run by Subiaco RC at the Cambridge bowling club floreat with a Seven Deadly Sins Theme. The ball will be 2nd September 2017 and costs $50. For more information contact Subiaco RC or check out the WA Rover Facebook page that will soon be made.

*Photos Courtesy of BL Photography Chris Williams and Rebecca Morse*