APR is the inclusive Scouting within the Asia-Pacific Region and aims to "contribute to the education of young people, through the value system based on the Scout Promis and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

"The Asia- Pacific Region upholds the Mission of Scouting and envisions for 2013 a Scout Movement that:
  • is widely recognized as a value- based educational movement
  • is coeducational
  • includes youth members in decision making
  • has self- reliant, independent and well- managed national Scout organizations
  • reaches out to a greater proportion of youth in member countries
  • extends to non- member countries
  • has good image and visibility everywhere
  • maximizes the use of information communications technology
  • contributes to community and nation building
  • has strong community- based Scouting
  • helps protect nature and environment
  • promotes peace in local and global communities by recognizing the needs
  • of young people in a rapidly changing environment." (World Scout Bereau Inc 2012)

The Regional committee itself consists of ten elected delegates from the National Scout Organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region who sit on the committee for a term of six years. Annually conferences are held to implement the Scouting vision and facilitate the necessary changes to Scouting.

For more information you can visit the APR website by clicking here!

World Scout Bureau Inc. 2012. Mission and Vision. http://www.scout.org/en/around_the_world/asia_pacific/about_scouting/mission_vision