Red Cross Award


WA Rovers have been running, with the organisation of Caitlin Arcus from Subaico Rover Crew, Red Rover Days every few weeks. 

The donations take place alternating at the Fremantle Donation Centre and the City Donation Centre, and we usually see a turnout of 6 or more Rovers donating either whole blood or plasma.

Caitlin and Steph Williams (Vice Chairman - Membership & Training) recently attended a thank you breakfast for all community organisations and corporate groups. At the event WA Rovers received an award for the Community Group who made the most donations for 2015.

In 2015 WA Rovers made 121 donations and saved 363 lives.

Well done to Caitlin Arcus for taking the lead and to all Crews and Rovers who made donations. Let's smash that record this year! 


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