Baden-Powell Award Scheme

How To Get Awarded:

St George Award

1. Be a fully invested Rover

2. Complete the Squire Training Badge Then in any order:

3. Complete the Rover Skills Badge

4. Complete the Service Badge

5. Complete the Physical Badge

Once you have the completed the four badges your Rover Crew will present you with the St George Award.

Baden-Powell Scout Award

1. Be a fully invested Rover

Then in any order:

2. Complete the St George Award

3. Complete the Community Development Badge

4. Complete the Personal Growth Badge

5. Attend a self-refection interview with BPSA Support Team

6. The Rover Crew notes the completion of the award requirements, including the interview, and nominates the potential awardee for endorsement. The Rover Crew must note completion before the nominee’s 26th birthday.

7. WARC notes completion of requirements and endorses the potential awardee to the Chief Commissioner.

8. The Chief Commissioner approves the awarding of the Baden‐Powell Scout Award.

9. Arrangements are made for the presentation of the award.

For further information contact your friendly local BPSA Support team 

*The structure of the award flow chart*

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